I’m Takahiro Kato, Director of Soubudai Neurosurgical Clinic.

I have been running my own clinic since July 2011. I’d like to tell you a little about myself.

I was born in Shizuoka Japan in 1976 and raised in Kagawa.

After graduating from the medical department of Hiroshima University, I started my career as a medical doctor at International Medical Center of Japan (currently named National Center for Global Health and Medicine).

During training, I had significant experience working at Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City for three months.

Through my experience as a neurosurgeon, I came to know that there was a huge gap between the goals of medical doctors and those of Japanese patients.

In addition, I realize that we lack man power in the medical field so that doctors and nurses are forced to work under such harsh conditions.

Moreover, the Japanese medical budget accounts for more than fifty percent of the national budget, which means health care is too costly.Many Japanese people feel something has to be done to improve health care and medical service.

However, the solutions which politicians propose have been only temporal.

It seems that we are rolling down to ruin—a nagging fear that Japan’s decline is inevitable.

My medical practice is based on one creed, which is “You feel at ease when you make a right decision.”

Five years ago, I temporally quit the medical practice and traveled around the nation to find out the answer to my own question,

“Don’t we misunderstand the true meaning of the medical practice?”

Fortunately, my journey came to an end with the answer, “we should try to reverse the direction of our thinking.”

An old Japanese saying goes “If you can’t push it, pull it.”

Nowadays people are snowed under with fears such as “What if I got a stroke, heart attack or cancer?”

We have too many what-ifs. I can hear your concern that “doctors must help me, protect our health!”

People go to hospitals or complete medical check-ups to have their health guaranteed.

Otherwise people cannot go there, as they are afraid that something wrong with their health will be found.

Let me conclude my introduction. As far as your health fully depends on others (doctors,hospitals and other medical services), you might not be able to feel contentment, moreover you might experience concerns about health  one after another. Consequently, you continue to ask for relief endlessly.

In my journey, I got a quite simple answer. “We shouldn’t try to get the answer in the outer world, but in the inner world.

Try to listen to our inner voice.

Try to reverse your vector of thinking.”

Along with this creed, I do my medical practice every day and share this thought with my patients.

I will appreciate it if you visit our clinic and have a chance to see me.